Affiliate members are individuals or firms who have an interest in acquiring 
information and knowledge concerning real estate, and/or providing ancillary services to real estate professionals. A few examples of affiliate members are:  home inspectors, landscapers, builders, appraisers, lenders, attorneys, title companies, banks, plumbers, movers, companies and mortgage insurance companies.

Affiliates members are not themselves engaged in the real estate profession and may not use the trademark “R” symbol or call themselves REALTORS. Affiliates do not vote on committees or hold elective office. They do, however, support the mission and purpose of REALTORS, attend membership meetings and events, and often volunteer to service on committees to further the goals of the organization.

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  • Display your cards and brochures on the Affiliate Directory Board

    For more information about "Getting on Board" Call the GMNBR office at 668-1054.

"Get On Board" 





Why become a REALTOR® Board Affiliate?


Membership in GMNBR offers an opportunity to expand your market, connect and network with REALTORS and other affiliates, and build long lasting relationships.

Your contact information will be included in the Affiliate directory and you will have opportunities to present before a captive audience of your professional peers. The benefits of membership are well worth the cost of membership dues.

Sign up today and reap the benefits!