2021 GMNBR Dues

Please review Section 5.2 Dues Timeline of the GMNBR Policy Manual for a detailed dues timeline for 2021.

GMNBR Policy Manual - Section 5.2

First week of January – All GMNBR dues- delinquent REALTORS®, and their respective D.R.’s or Managing Brokers will be notified, via e-mail only, that their dues are more than 30 days past due and shall be assessed a $100 late fee. Failure to pay dues in full on or before January 30th shall result in termination of membership. 

February 1st – All GMNBR dues-delinquent REALTORS® who have not paid their dues shall result in termination of membership resulting in loss of all membership privileges including access to NEREN, NHAR, and NAR privileges. Once a Realtor’s® membership is terminated, and should their REALTORS® license continue to be held at a member agency, a letter is sent to both the REALTOR® and the agency’s Designated Realtor® or Managing Broker, that the agency is now responsible for the agent’s dues (and nonmember assessment fee). The former REALTOR® member is no longer in good standing and shall be reported as such. Should the former REALTOR® member choose to reinstate their GMNBR membership they must reapply and submit the customary application fee along with the full year’s dues payment including all late and/or nonmember assessment fees. Prorations will NOT be granted. 

2021 Dues Timeline

REALTOR® 2021 Prorated Dues

Affiliate 2021 Prorated Dues