What's New with GMNBR?

GMNBR is now accepting all Debit/Credit Cards payments (including AMEX & Discover)

by User Not Found | Feb 22, 2017
On Thursday, February 2nd the GMNBR Board of Directors voted to expand the method of payments accepted for dues and other payments taken at the Board office.  "This decision will allow our members to use the payment method that is most convenient for them and their business," stated 2017 GMNBR President Bob Mongan. 

In the past GMNBR has accepted MasterCard, Visa, and checks for all payments with the preferred dues payment type being debit/credit cards.  This is preferred because the National and State Associations automatically retain their portion of the payment with no additional back-end processing. 

Effective immediately GMNBR will be adding Discover and Amex to the accepted payment types.