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We appreciate your interest and participation!

Budget/ Finance Committee
Chair: Kimberly LaFleur
Co Chair: Genevieve Pandolfo

Consists of 9 members maximum appointed by the President.  Oversees the financial affairs of the association and prepares a proposed annual budget subject to approval by the Board of Directors.  This committee meets several times a year. Financial/budget experience preferred.  

Affiliate Committee

Affiliate Liaison: Karin Duchesne

The purpose of the Affiliate Committee is to plan and promote events and programs on behalf of/for the affiliate members

Communications Committee
Chair: Tim Morgan
Co Chair: TBD

This committee is responsible for communication sources for the GMNBR office to include:  website, social media, and e-mail systems.  The Communications Committee develops the communication plan for the organization and provides technology support to the office and the various committees of the organization.  

Community Service Committee
Chair: Hollie Halverson
Co Chair: Martha Cossey

The purpose of the Community Services Committee is to plan projects and provide services suited to our industry that betters the local communities, gets Membership actively involved, and enhances the REALTOR image.  In addition, plans fund-raising events for contributions and scholarships.  This is an active committee that meets monthly. 

Education Committee

Chair: Penny Chauvette
Co Chair: Carol Calihan

The purpose of the Education Committee is to plan and present educational seminars on important issues in our industry, re certification courses, Code of Ethics courses that meet the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) requirements, CRS courses, and a minimum of four membership meetings annually.  This committee is also responsible for coordination of Realtor to Realtor, Power Hour, Tech Fair, and CEU Day. 


Hospitality Committee
Chair: Doreen Lindoff
Co Chair: Jen Felch

The purpose of the Hospitality Committee is to plan and promote events and programs and to hold a minimum of 4 membership meetings annually to include the awards banquet and holiday installation/gala.  

Legal Committee
Chair: Maggie Kerkhoff

Prerequisite must attend the NHAR Professional Standards Workshop within the past two years.  Oversees the complete ethics & arbitration complaint process, and also will provide an outreach program to educate our general membership to better understand the process of making a complaint, mediation, and ethics and arbitration hearings. 

Consists of the following 3 subcommittees that meet as needed:  

Grievance Committee:
Lydia Foley

Perquisite of attendance at the NHAR Professional Standards Workshop within the past two years.  5 Members appointed by the President that have completed the required training.  Responsible for reviewing all ethics complaints or arbitration requests to determine if the case should be sent on to the Professional Standards Committee for a hearing.   

Professional Standards
Chair: Nancy Philbrick 

Prerequisite of attendance at the NHAR Professional Standards Workshop within the past two years.  Hearing panels are chosen from this group of Realtors who have completed the required training. 
Chair: Bonnie Guevin

Prerequisite: Mediation training by NAR or NHAR.  A pool of mediators trained to help parties involved in a business dispute to come to a mutual resolution and eliminate the need for an arbitration hearing. 

RPAC/Public Advocacy Committee
Chair: Kathy Snyder
Co Chair: Gail Athas

This committee is responsible for raising voluntary political contributions for the REALTORS Political Action Committee or the REALTORS Issues Mobilization Fund.  The committee will also inform members of statutory and regulatory issues that affect Realtors and/or the real estate industry.  Meets upon the call of the Chair.