1.) How do I obtain a Real Estate License in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire Real Estate licenses are issued by the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission. Licenses are up for renewal every two years from date of issue. License renewal(s) requires a total of 15 credit hours (12 Hours of Elective Courses and one – 3 Hr. CORE Course).

2.) Who is a REALTOR®?

A REALTOR® is a federally registered collective membership mark which identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics. A real estate licensee is not necessarily a REALTOR® and therefore is not held to this same standard.  

3.) How do I become a REALTOR®? 

Once one completes the licensing process and joins a real estate agency and that agency is a member of a local NH real estate Board, he or she must join a Board in which the agency belongs.  The application can be found under "Membership/ Applications." Upon completion of the application, submit with application fee, and prorated dues to GMNBR within 30 days of joining an agency.

Upon GMNBR’s receipt of the application and applicable fees your application will be processed.  A NRDS # (National REALTOR® Database Systems) will be assigned – this number will stay with you as long as you are an active REALTOR®  regardless of agency or state.  Notification will be sent to NNEREN (Northern New England Real Estate Network) which oversees MLS (Multi-Listing Service) verifying agency association and receipt of a Board.  Note:  Code of Ethics and Orientation must be completed within 120 of application submittal.

Orientation Program:  Must be completed within 120 days of application submittal.  The Code of Ethics course (located on the "application" page of the website) must be completed first.  Once Code of Ethics is complete you will be registered for the Orientation Class which is presented by GMNBR.

4.) What is a NRDS#?

  The “National REALTORS® Database System” (NRDS) issues an identifying number to all   members.  The following link will enable you to access your number or you can  contact GMNBR’s Staff and they can provide you with your number. What is my NRDS#?

5.) What are the dues at GMNBR?

Dues are determined annually and can be found on the REALTOR® application.  Dues submitted to the Greater Manchester / Nashua Board of REALTORS® are distributed to three Boards:

1.    The National Board of REALTORS® (NAR)
2.    The New Hampshire Association of REALTORS® (NHAR)
3.    The Greater Manchester / Nashua Board of REALTORS® (GMNBR)

Once established with GMNBR, dues payments can be paid online through the Member Portal using VISA or Master Card.  Direct payments to GMNBR can be paid by check, VISA or Master Card.  

6.) What is the Code of Ethics requirement?

NAR's Board of Directors approved a change to the Code of Ethics training requirement, extending it from every two years to every three years. This extends the current cycle deadline from Dec. 31, 2020, to Dec. 31, 2021.

7.) Where do I find online classes for credits?

 Elective and CORE Courses are offered online through GMNBR’s website under Education.  The “Code of Ethics”  Course is also offered online through the National Association of REALTORS® website (www.REALTOR.org).

8.) How do I join a Committee?

Committee descriptions can be found here.  If you meet the requirements listed please contact info@gmnbr.org

9.) Who do I contact for MLS questions?

GMNBR does not maintain the MLS please contact NNEREN (603) 228-9733.

10.) What if my ZipForms Plus isn't working?

The Zipforms Plus helpdesk phone number is 866-279-9653.   The website is link https://www.zipformplus.com/.  

11.) Where do I get Lockboxes (Supra’s)?

Supra’s are available through NNEREN: 
45 Constitution Ave – Suite #200
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 228-9733

12.) What is the difference between Realtor.org and Realtor.com?

www.REALTOR.org is the National Association of REALTORS® official website for agents and associations.  www.Realtor.com is a consumer facing website for the public.

13.) Who do I contact for an ethics complaint? 

Ethics complaints may be forwarded to GMNBR's Association Executive, Missy German.  She can be reached at 603-668-1054 or via email at missy@gmnbr.org.  Additional information can be found under "Membership/Professional Standards." 

Submittal of a Ethics Complaint

14.) What is my user ID and password for the new GMNBR Member portal?

Class registrations and dues payments are processed through the Member portal. Your username is your NRDS# and your password is your last name, first letter, capitalized. When you first login you will be prompted to confirm your member profile.    

15.) Can I use the term REALTOR® to describe myself?

If you are a member of a REALTOR® organization you are authorized to use the term REALTOR® and the REALTOR® logo.  However, there are specific guidelines to the use of these trademarks. Please see the "Membership Marks Manual" a trademark reference for members on the proper use.